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About those dust storms…

So, we had another lovely dust storm today.  I managed to get a couple of pics of the dust in the air today, so without further ado, here they are. This is all dust, no clouds or other obstructions.


That’s the sun, obstructed by all of the dust.


Normally, you can see the mountains in El Paso while driving down this street.  Today, not so much.

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The dust storms have arrived

It’s that lovely time of year in the CDJ/ELP area when the winds mix with the sand and we have crazy dust storms.  The severity can vary, but they generally cause the sky to turn brownish and they affect visibility significantly.  Dust also seeps in all of the windows and doors no matter how well they’re secured.  Tuesday, the dust storm completely hid the mountains that are usually clearly visible from the consulate. These storms can last until mid-May, depending on the year.  So, that’s the fun news from CDJ.

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Is that rain?

It actually rained a little bit on Wednesday and Thursday this week. I wasn’t entirely sure what I was seeing at first, since it had been so long since I’d seen any rain here, but it was in fact a little bit of rain.  We didn’t get enough rain to make anything very wet or even create any puddles, but it’s been about four months since we’ve had any rain here and we’ll take what we can get.  Both rain storms had a lot of wind, which generally causes dust storms here.  So, in addition to the regular grey clouds, we had a brown haze from all of the dust. I wish I had a picture to share with you about how badly the dust storm affected visibility but it didn’t seem prudent to get out of my car in the middle of the street to take one.

On Thursday, I had planned to go to El Paso to run some errands after work.  The blowing dust limited the visibility and the wind was actually rocking my car a bit while I was stopped at a stop sign.  After about a half mile, I decided that between the really bad visibility and the wind, it was probably best to just turn around and go home rather than risk an accident due to the visibility and the chance of another car running in to me due to the visibility and wind.

So, that was the excitement for this week.  No news on when I’ll have the bid list, but hopefully in the next week or two!

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This weekend was nice and relaxing.  On Saturday, the Consulate’s Employee Recreation Association held a really nice outing at a restaurant outside of El Paso that’s actually located on a working ranch with lots of animals and wildlife that you can see and feed.  It was really nice to spend some time out with my coworkers and their families, and it was so nice to do it in an environment where we felt safe and could just relax and enjoy the good food and good company.

Today was a pretty lazy day around the house.  It was awfully windy here this weekend and, according to the news here, we had 70 mph winds in the area.  Around here, strong winds like that cause dust storms, so it seemed like a good day to just stay in the house.   The diplocat and I both took advantage of the opportunity for an afternoon nap.


Other than that, not much news.  I tend to have low key weekends since I’m usually pretty drained by the work week.  I did spend some time reviewing my car insurance stuff since it’s time to renew my policy for Mexico and making sure that it provides enough coverage for when I go in to the US, but the insurance/phone/customer service issues I’ve encountered here will take up another post in the future.

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