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Chaos in Cairo

Foreign Policy magazine has a great article on its website about what the US Embassy in Cairo is doing for Americans stranded in Egypt.  I encourage you all to read it.  One of my friends from my initial training class at the State Department is posted in Cairo and has been working insane hours to help get people out of Cairo and provide information and services to people still there.  Another friend has also been working intense hours at the Consulate and airport in Istanbul to help Americans arriving on evacuation flights and to coordinate with the Embassy in Cairo.  A coworker here had 2 hours notice to leave his house and get on a flight to Cyprus to help with evacuation flights from Cairo arriving there.  A lot of times, the image of foreign service officers is one of attending cocktail receptions and fancy parties, but we’re posted all over the world in all kinds of conditions and this article talks about some of the amazing work foreign service officers do when Americans are caught in a crisis overseas.

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