Handshake Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

When I posted a little over a month ago, I’d accepted a handshake for the FSI Economics Course.  The course runs from September to early March, and is followed by either language training or an assignment in DC at the Department of State, another agency, a company, a think tank etc.

A couple of weeks ago, they added a bunch of jobs to the bid list since there were so many people bidding at my rank who still didn’t have jobs lined up.  Some of those fit well with the timing of the econ course, so I put in a few bids.  Well, one thing led to another and I’ve accepted a handshake for a Political and Economic job in Frankfurt, Germany starting in the summer of 2015, after the FSI Econ Course and a refresher course in German to get my German back up to speed.

I am beyond excited about the assignment and still keep pinching myself thinking that it’s not real or that there must be some hidden catch.  I double checked though, and there was no clause signing over my firstborn child or anything in the handshake offer. 😉

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