Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everybody!  Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter.

Good Friday and Easter Monday are holidays here in Ottawa, so the embassy is closed for both of them, which makes for a four-day weekend for me.  The weather has been really nice, so it’s been a nice break, but there’s still a lot of snow laying around and I really wish it would just go away so we could move on with spring and summer weather.

However, as part of the holiday weekend, a lot of stores were closed in Ottawa on Good Friday.  After driving by four very obviously closed grocery stores, I went home and decided that I’d just go shopping on Saturday, even though there were a few things I really wanted on Friday.  However, after awhile, I remembered that the rules were a bit different in Quebec and did a little googling and found grocery stores that were open over there.  Success!  So, I went over to Hull to go grocery shopping and got what I was after. 🙂

That makes two trips to Quebec this week, since I also went to Montreal for the day on Wednesday for a few work meetings.  Montreal was really neat and I’ll have to go back on my own sometime when I can do some sightseeing and not just run from meeting to meeting.

I also took the train for the first time in Canada on my trip to Montreal.  I’ve taken plenty of trains in Europe when I lived in Germany and Belgium, but this was my first time to take a train in North America.  It worked really well and was a lot easier than dealing with parking, driving in an unfamiliar city, etc.

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