Take that, ice!

I went ice skating yesterday.  The rink we were on was not artificially cooled and it was about 38F so the ice was what some people call “soft,” which it definitely was not as I later found out through my own testing.

There I was, just skating around, minding my own business, when the ice tried to eat my right skate and swallowed the blade whole.  I retaliated by hitting the ice as hard as I could with both hands and my left knee.  I showed that ice.  It didn’t try to eat my skate the rest of the time I was skating around.

Unfortunately, my left knee wasn’t too happy about my decision to show the ice who was boss and has decided to hurt and turn some interesting colors.  However, I stand by my decision that it was right to retaliate against the ice.  After all, gravity was on my side and you can’t let the ice go around thinking it can just try to gobble up whole skates.

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One response to “Take that, ice!

  1. Nomads By Nature

    Fabulous outlook on the whole experience! You the boss!

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