I’m in the middle of my first Ottawinter and I’m muddling through.  I won’t go as far as to say that I’m enjoying it, but I’m definitely managing ok.  I’ve got the snow boots, the long underwear, the ear warmers, the toque (toboggan to those of us from south of the border, eh), the mittens (even the mittens have layers!), and so on.  So, I waddle around in all my layers and look like the Michelin Man. The good news is that everyone else looks like him, too, so I blend in. I’ve even gone ice skating without falling down.  I hope to make it to the Rideau Canal next week and give that a try.

I’m not going to lie though.  I miss my flip flops.  I think they miss me, too.  I can hear them calling from my closet.  “Wear us! Wear us! It’s warm enough.”  Little do they know, though, that it is not warm enough.  Not by a long shot and I’m rather attached to my toes and don’t want to lose any of them to frost bite. So, since The Weather Channel’s 10-day forecast doesn’t show any temperatures above freezing, I don’t think I’ll be wearing them any time soon.

On the up side, I can tell that the days are getting longer.  It’s no longer completely dark when I leave the office after work which is nice.  I can tell that we’re slowly moving toward spring, even if there’s still awhile to go.

So, I’m making it through my first Canadian winter, but I still think I prefer Texas winters, where it’s 75F in February.  Someone remind me of that this fall when I’m bidding on my next post.

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