Sit, Stay, Good FSO!

I’m now in training at FSI, though so far we haven’t covered sit or stay. 😉  So far, it’s been pretty interesting.  I’m learning a lot about what my job in Ottawa will entail and what different offices in the Department of State and lots of other government departments and agencies can do to help us and how we can help them.  I’ve learned a lot about how some different agencies operate internationally and a lot of them have especially interesting working relationships with similar agencies in Canada due to our long shared border.  So, it’s been really interesting.

I’ve also seen a bunch of A-100 classmates, Spanish classmates, former Juarezidents, a couple of grad school classmates who live in the DC area, and even a couple of my Spanish teachers.  One of my Spanish teachers even complimented me on maintaining my Spanish so well, which was nice to hear since I felt like I only used about the same 10 sentences over and over again during visa interviews, but apparently at least a few other things stuck. 😉 It’s been nice to catch up with other people and hear about their tours, home leave, and where they’re headed next.

It’s also been really nice to be back in the D.C. area.  I’ve already visited three Smithsonian museums and have enjoyed walking around, the shopping, and just taking in the sights, like seeing the Iwo Jima memorial while just walking around.  I’m a little bummed that I don’t get to spend more time here and reconnect with more people and do more sightseeing, but such is life.  Fortunately, I’m close to D.C. and know a bunch of people who will be here this coming year so maybe I can make a trip or two back this coming year.

That’s most of what’s new here.  It’s been great to be back in D.C. and I’m enjoying learning more about what I’ll be doing at work in Ottawa.  Hasta la proxima!

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