Happy Anniversary of the Mexican Constitution!

This weekend is a long weekend for us due to the Anniversary of the Mexican Constitution.  It’s always nice to have a long weekend.  The weather here is getting warmer and the days are getting a little longer.  It won’t be too long before the dust storms are here and making the skies brown.  😉

I’ve been working in the front office for a little over a month now and it’s been a really nice change.  I’m getting to work on some new projects and learn more about what goes on in the consulate outside of the consular section.  I’ve gotten to sit in on some meetings and learn about what the public affairs section does each week, what the political section is watching, and so on.  It’s been really nice and will hopefully be helpful when I get to Ottawa since I’ll be working in the Econ section there.  I’ll be working in the front office for the rest of February and then I’ll go back to visas for my last couple of months here.

Last week, I got my TMFour, also known as orders, which means that everyone who needs to has signed off on my proposed itinerary and there is now money set aside to fund my travel and moving my things.  So, one step closer to being able to move to Ottawa!  There’s still a ton of administrative and logistical stuff I have to do here before I can leave, but things are lining up.

I realize that I haven’t written anything new about the diplocat in awhile.  She’s doing fine.  She enjoys her strings and catnip miceys and looking out of the window.  While there’s a lot of things I’ll have to consider when I look for housing in Canada, one of the things I want is a nice view for the diplocat.  Hopefully, I can find something that will have a view of some trees with birds and squirrels in them for her to watch.

So, that’s the big news here.  Hope all’s well in the blogosphere!

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