Still bidding…

Bidding is kind of like riding a rollercoaster.  You get really excited when the list comes out, then you’re a little disappointed because your dream place/job/timing isn’t on there.  Then, you look at the list a little more and get really excited about certain posts only to find out that they won’t actually work like you thought they would or there’s some other negative factor about it that you didn’t know about until you really started digging into the info about the post or the job.  Prior to getting the list, I spent a lot of time looking at post info online and doing preliminary research but I started digging deeper into post information once I had the list and had real options in front of me.

So, there have been a number of versions of my list and jobs have moved up and down the list as I’ve found out more about the post and the job, and a couple have been added and removed.  I think that I have a close-to-final list now and I’ve sent it in to my assignments officer to review my timing calculations.  Hopefully she won’t bounce back too many of my bids for bad timing.  Bidding has been fun, especially the daydreaming about how life might be in Post X, Y, or Z, but I’m ready to turn the list in so I can stop thinking about which order to put things in and splitting hairs about how the job in Post A might be a little better than the job in Post B.

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  1. Good luck with bidding! Can’t wait to hear where you are headed next.

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