The List!

The list! I haz it!  We got the list on Thursday and there’s lots of great stuff on it.  There’s a really good variety of places and jobs on the list.  There are a few places that I wish had been on the list and a few jobs that look really awesome but don’t work for timing reasons or because of lengthy quarantine requirements for the Diplocat.  However, the list looks pretty cool and I’m cautiously optimistic that everything will work out well. I think I can put together an AWESOME top ten bids and a pretty good thirty bids, which is great news.

Before you ask, no I’m not going to share my list.  I don’t want to put any carts before horses or jinx myself, and I think it’s best to keep my list to myself.  However, I will definitely share my post when I find out, which should be some time in early July. 🙂

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