Is it time to bid yet?

No, not quite, but we’re getting close!  Since the 2nd tour summer list has come out in August for the last two years, at least, most of us were not expecting it until August or so.  I had mentally prepared myself for not having it until August and was ready to wait for it.  However, it’s never that simple and the word from DC is that the first part of the list will actually be out in June some time.  That’s next month!

I’m super excited about bidding, but it will probably be stressful.  There will be a lot of decisions to make and a lot of research to do before putting together my top bids.  Does job x in country y sound better than job a in country b?  Are there any pet import restrictions?  Do I have enough training time left to learn the language in post q?  Can I leave post on time, get all the training, and still get to my new post on time?  That’s just a start and I’m sure the questions will multiply when I see the actual list and start digging in to specifics.

I’ve known that this was a two year assignment and that afterward, I would go somewhere else after those two years, but when I look toward the next assignment I just see a big, fat question mark.  It will be nice to have a clearer picture of my next destination and to start planning for it. There will be things to buy, like maybe ski gear or a snorkel.  After I get assigned to another post, there will be more decisions to be made like do I take my current car to my next post, buy a different one before leaving for post, buy a car after I get to post, or do I decide to not take a car at all and just rely on public transportation?

There will also be things to research about the post and the move.  Transfering from post to post, instead of from DC to post will be different.  Unless I end up in Canada, I will fly to my next post instead of driving.  So, I’ll need to pack and plan a little differently than when I came to CDJ.  I have also acquired the Diplocat since arriving here so I will need to do some research into how to get her safely from Mexico to Texas for home leave to DC for consultations and/or training then to my next post as well.

If you know me, you know that I like to plan.  Prior to packing out for A-100 and again before leaving DC for CDJ, I had spreadsheets about what was going in which shipment, what I needed to buy before leaving with prices and projected purchase dates to spread the purchases across pay periods and whatnot, what I needed to do before I left, and who knows what else.  So, having a new place to go and a new destination to plan for will be exciting and will help me get in touch with my inner planning nerd and bust out the Excel for spreadsheets to track all of this stuff.

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  1. This week’s State Department Blog Round Up is here, and you’re on it! let me know if you have any objections and would like to be removed. Thanks, and Happy Memorial Day!

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