Going public

After talking with a few fellow FS bloggers and a few bloggers outside the foreign service, I’ve decided to remove the password protection from the website later this week.  There are a lot of awesome FS blogs out there that have been great resources and I’d like to contribute to that community.  I’d also like to make the blog more easily accessible to friends and family.

Before I started A-100, many of the FS blogs that I read helped me get an idea of what life as an FSO was like and gave me great ideas about how to handle packing and other logistical challenges.  Now, I read them to learn about other posts and to keep up with friends all around the world.  So, I’d like to pay it forward and make my blog public to prospective and current FSOs.

I know that a few of you read this site via RSS feed and according to Posterous’ help page, the RSS feed link will change when I remove the password.  Since I’m not sure if the old RSS feed link will work, I wanted to give y’all a chance to change the feed link in your reader.  So, I’ll take the password off on Wednesday and post at least a short entry when I remove the password.  So, if you read this by RSS feed and don’t see the short entry on Wednesday, you might need to come back and visit the site to get the new RSS feed link.

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