This weekend was nice and relaxing.  On Saturday, the Consulate’s Employee Recreation Association held a really nice outing at a restaurant outside of El Paso that’s actually located on a working ranch with lots of animals and wildlife that you can see and feed.  It was really nice to spend some time out with my coworkers and their families, and it was so nice to do it in an environment where we felt safe and could just relax and enjoy the good food and good company.

Today was a pretty lazy day around the house.  It was awfully windy here this weekend and, according to the news here, we had 70 mph winds in the area.  Around here, strong winds like that cause dust storms, so it seemed like a good day to just stay in the house.   The diplocat and I both took advantage of the opportunity for an afternoon nap.


Other than that, not much news.  I tend to have low key weekends since I’m usually pretty drained by the work week.  I did spend some time reviewing my car insurance stuff since it’s time to renew my policy for Mexico and making sure that it provides enough coverage for when I go in to the US, but the insurance/phone/customer service issues I’ve encountered here will take up another post in the future.

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