Well, it was a good idea in theory…

When I was home, I stopped at Bath and Body works and bought one of their Wallflower air fresheners for my house.  You connect scent bulbs that are filled with some sort of scented oil to the Wallflower and then plug it in to an outlet.  Since the bulbs are filled with a liquid, they need to be vertical or else the liquid will spill.  Which is fine, except I didn’t realize that all of the outlets in my house are horizontal!  I’m not sure if it’s common in Mexican houses or if it’s just my house, but it wasn’t something that I’d honestly ever paid attention to in my house.  So, I have one vertical outlet where I might be able to use it but it’s in my bathroom and I usually have other stuff plugged in there.  Ooops.  At least the candles I got work well.  Apparently, fire is the same across the world.  I suppose I need to stick with low-tech scent solutions.

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