Meet the Diplocat

As some of you know, I adopted a cat last summer.  She’s a plain, brown tabby who is really sweet and also very entertaining.  She pounces on feet (or anything that moves) and generally tears around the house like crazy.  The floors are all tile and wood laminate, so she occasionally slides and crashes in to things while running around the house or chasing after something.  She may also have some distant canine relatives since she likes to play fetch.  She likes to bat around bottle caps, twisties, toys, and milk jug rings, and she will bring them to me to throw and then chase after them and bat them around, then she brings them back to me to throw again.  It’s highly entertaining. 🙂  Since I spend a lot of time at home here, she plays a big part in my life and will likely make appearances in future entries.


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