It got up to 57F today in CDJ and things finally seem to have thawed.  We had highs in the upper 20s or low 30s and lows from 0 to 15F the past few nights which caused a lot of problems in CDJ and El Paso.  Buildings and the electrical system here are not built to handle that kind of cold, so there were rolling blackouts and many of my coworkers lost power and/or water for all or part of the past three days.

I hadn’t paid attention to it before, but it seems to be pretty standard construction here to put the hot water heater in the garage or an outside closet in most houses, so many people experienced some sort of freezing in their hot water heater and I heard that a couple of my coworkers’ water heaters actually burst.  Others had pipes burst in or outside of their houses.  Some of my coworkers attempted to go to El Paso to stay in a hotel because the heat or water wasn’t working in their houses and ended up stuck in line at the bridge to cross into El Paso after Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) lost power.

Fortunately, my house weathered the cold pretty well.  I didn’t lose power while I was home and had water all through the event, though the pressure did get pretty weak.  Things seem to have thawed and I haven’t noticed any ominous dripping or other signs of problems.  My heater did stop working sometime overnight from Thursday to Friday, but very fortunately for me, the consulate’s maintenance team was able to fix it on Friday and it’s been working well since! 🙂  It shouldn’t get too much below freezing for the next week, so hopefully we’re out of the woods for this kind of freezing weather.  I’m ready for summer!

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